Preventing Rejected Docs


You can help prevent your documents submitted for recording from being rejected and avoid delays.

Before submitting your recordings, please make sure:

Documents are Proofread

If time is taken to proofread documents prior to submitting them for recording, fewer documents are likely to be rejected, saving you and the recorder‛s office valuable time and money. Proofread items such as legal descriptions, signatures, notaries, and if the document makes reference to a previously recorded document, check to make sure the reference is correct.

Fees are Correct

Recording fees are statutorily established. See our fee schedule to make an accurate calculation! Please make sure your checks are made payable to the Register of Deeds, and that the checks are signed.

Notary Statements are Properly Completed

All notary statements need to be accurately completed by the notary on each document. For instance, the notary statement must state whose signature was witnessed and in what capacity that person was signing the document.

In Deed Transactions, Form 521 is also Completed

Nebraska law provides that a Real Estate Transfer Statement (Form 521) must accompany all deeds filed in Nebraska. Please make sure your Form 521 is completely filled out.

Documentary Stamp Taxes are Paid, if Due

The Register of Deeds‛ office assumes all transactions are taxable unless the filer is able to provide proof to the contrary. In some cases, written documentation may be required to prove that the transaction falls under one of the exemptions.