Points of Interest


O'Connor House

Completely restored mansion built in the 19th century. Located about 2 miles east of Homer, Nebraska (signs direct the way). Open Sundays, Memorial Weekend through Labor Day Weekend. Holiday House: first 2 weekends in November (Special tours arranged). Abundant free parking.

Machinery Museum

Located just west of O'Connor House. Same hours as the O'Connor House.

Combs School

Oldest school building in Dakota County, 1857. Closed May 22, 1964. Located just west of O'Connor House with the same hours.


Historical Marker. Located on Highway 77, 1 mile north of Homer, Nebraska. Monument to 1100 Indian people who lived in the area prior to 1850.

St. John City Town Site

Settled in June, 1856 by Fr. Trecy, now extinct. Located just north of Jackson, Nebraska.

Emmanuel Lutheran Church

National Historical Landmark, dedicated July 19, 1964. Located in Dakota City, Nebraska. Oldest church building erected in Nebraska Territory (1860). Free parking and open year round. 


Sgt. Floyd Monument

Erected in 1901 to honor the only fatality during the Lewis and Clark expedition. Obelisk marks his grave. Located across the Missouri River in Sioux City, Iowa. Opened year round and free parking.

War Eagle Monument

Erected to honor Sioux Indian Chief, War Eagle, noted for his efforts to maintain peace between the Indians and White settles. Located in Sioux City, Iowa. Opened year round and free parking.