Accounts Payable


The Dakota County Clerk's office is responsible for processing claims submitted for payment to vendors for items or services furnished to the County. Accounts Payable is processed one time per month per the adopted schedule on the County Calendar.  Claims must be approved by the County Board before payment.

If you have a claim that you would like to submit for payment, please contact the office that approved your purchase. It is the responsibility of that office to pay your claim. You may print out a copy of a claim sheet to submit along with your invoice.

Accounts Payable Minutes

If you would like to see who was paid in an Accounts Payable period, they are placed in the minutes which are printed in the Dakota County Star or you may view them online by searching the Board of Commissioners minutes for the current year.

Accounts Payable Related Documents

Fund Accounts and Descriptions - Fund Account numbers, names and descriptions.

Budget Expense Codes - County offices may use this to determine the proper coding for Accounts Payable and Payroll expenditures and for reference and description of each coding.

Budget Revenue Codes - This may be used to determine revenue codes for Dakota County.