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Look into Dakota County’s unique transportation network and assets. Based in the Siouxland tristate region, Dakota County is in an ideal location for all modes of transportation. Learn of all our available sites and buildings and obtain additional details through our interactive GIS property parcel information map through the County Assessor’s page.

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The Dakota County Rural Economic Development Strategic Plan features a series of economic development strategies tailored towards the County’s prosperity, promoting commerce and industry, supporting business retention, recruitment, expansion, enhancing workforce development, and exploring select commercial and industrial sites.

Utility Providers & Distribution  
  Electric Gas Water / Sewer Internet / Cable Trash / Recycling
City of Dakota City NPPD MidAmerican City of Dakota City CableOne / FiberComm /
Frontier Communications(es) / HughesNet / Dish
Village of Emerson NNPPD Black Hills Energy Village of Emerson American
/ Century Link /
Frontier Communications(es) / HughesNet / Dish
Village of Homer NPPD Black Hills Energy Village of Homer American Broadband /
Frontier Communications(es) / HughesNet / Dish
King's Disposal
Village of Hubbard NNPPD LP Tank Village of Hubbard NNTC /
Frontier Communications(es) / HughesNet / Dish
Gill Hauling
Villiage of Jackson NNPPD Black Hills Energy Villiage of Jackson NNTC /
Frontier Communications(es) / HughesNet / Dish
South Sioux City NPPD   South Sioux City Frontier Communications(es) / HughesNet / Dish  


Dakota County is staffed with excellent personnel. Get the most up-to-date information on recent activity of the county departments and offices and learn of all the available programs we offer to help support you and your businesses.

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Dakota County, located in northeast Nebraska, is part of the tri-state region of Sioux City Metropolitan Statistical Area, also known as Siouxland. Composed of counties and cities in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota, Siouxland serves as a prosperous economic hub to the region. In fact, for the fifth time since the year 2007, the tri-state region was selected as the top region for economic development by Site Selection Magazine.

Occupation Class of Worker
Management, Business, Science, Arts 17.4% Private wage and salary workers 88.8%
Service 18.1% Government workers 6.4%
Sales, Office 21.8% Self-employed workers in own not incorporated business 4.5%
Natural Resources, Construction, Maintenance 10.9% Unpaid family workers 0.3%
Production, Transportation, Material Moving 31.8% U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Census Bureau
Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, and mining 1.1%
Construction 7.1%
Manufacturing 30.3%
Wholesale trade 2.4%
Retail trade 10.6%
Transportation and warehousing, and utilities 7.1%
Information 0.3%
Finance, insurance, real estate, and rental and leasing 6.0%
Professional, scientific, management, administrative, and waste management services 8.1%
Educational, health and social services 14.8%
Arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation and food services 7.0%
Other services (except public administration) 2.1%
Public administration 3.3%
U.S. Census Bureau
Workforce Household Income
In labor force 70.70% Less than $24,999 15.7%
Civilian labor force 70.60% $25,000 to $49,999 28.4%
Employed 65.40% $50,000 to $74,999 20.2%
Unemployed 5.20% $75,000 to $99,999 15.4%
Not in labor force 29.30% $100,000 to $149,999 16.6%
U.S. Census Bureau $150,000 to $199,999 2.2%
    $200,000 or more 1.5%
    Median Income 49,786
    U.S. Census Bureau
Area Name Total Average Employment Average Hourly Wage Average Weekly Wage Average Annual Wage
Dakota City 12,399 $19.95 $798 $41,496
Nebraska 973,602 $20.13 $805 $41,860
Nebraska Department of Labor Statistics
Consumer Price Index Property Statistics
2016 223.301 Property Value 1,474,179,236
2015 221.545 Taxable Value 1,474,179,236
2014 222.247 Tax Rate per $1000 (Mil Rate) 1.94%
2013 219.282 Business Growth
2012 216.368 Total Sales 148,909,165
2011 220.223 Total Sales Tax 8,203,183
Nebraska Department of Labor Statistics Nebraska Department of Labor Statistics
Corporate Income Tax Rates First $100,000 - 5.58%
Over $100,000 - 7.81%
Federal Income Taxes Deductible on State Forms No
Apportionment Formula (Used to Determine % Total
Business Income Attributed to the Taxing State)
Sales 100% (on profits from sales in state only)
Tax Incentive for Job Creation Yes
Investment Tax Credits Yes
R & D Tax Credits No
Sales / Use Tax on Industrial Machinery & Equipment No
Inventory Tax on Goods in Transit No
Tax on Manufacturers' Inventories  No
Nebraska Department of Labor Statistics

Community Profiles

Take some time and learn about our communities and what all is offered through each community’s website.

Dakota City
Homer Village
Hubbard Village
Jackson Village
South Sioux City




See the variety of businesses Dakota County has in store through the South Sioux City Chamber Business Directory and other community’s business directories.

Business Directory of South Sioux City
Business Directory of Homer
Business Directory of Hubbard