Liquor Licenses


To apply for a liquor license for your retail establishment, please contact the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission (NLCC) for application materials.

Nebraska Liquor Control Commission
Licensing Division
PO Box 95046
Lincoln NE  68509-5046
Phone:  402-471-2571
Fax:  402-471-2814

Special Designated Liquor Licenses

Special Designated Liquor License Applications are required to be submitted through the Liquor Control Commission’s on-line portal.  Portal registration and required forms:

NOTE:  You will need to contact the Dakota County Clerk to request to be placed on the agenda for the Dakota County Board of Commissioners.  The Board is regularly scheduled to meet every other Monday. Phone:  402-987-2130

There are no publication requirements for a Special Designated Liquor License, but it does require County Board approval.  The County Board will review your request at their meeting and make a recommendation for approval or denial.  The approval from your local governing body will require NLCC Local Recommendation Form #200; and, if applicable, Non-Profit Form #201, Outdoor Area Form #109 and Outdoor Area Double Fencing Waiver Form #140 (Non-Profits only).

After your Special Designated Liquor License (SDLL) has been approved, the license will be mailed to the County Clerk’s Office.