Cherie Conley

County Clerk


Paola Ledesma

Deputy County Clerk

Voter Registration, Accounts Payable,
Register of Deeds, Elections

Robin Hansen 402-987-2128
Payroll, Marriage Licenses
Deb Benton 402-987-2166
Register of Deeds


The County Clerk's duties include recording all proceedings of the County Board and attending all its meetings. They must also attend all meetings of the County Board of Equalization as provided in section 77-1501. The Clerk must countersign all warrants issued by the Board which have been signed by the chairman. Special duties, as required by law may also be necessary. The Clerk must keep a record of all official bonds. The Clerk must also report to the Secretary of State the names of all county officials, their signatures and their seals of office before February 1 every year. The County Clerk may also appoint a deputy for whose acts the clerk will be responsible. The county treasurer, sheriff, register of deeds, or surveyor may not be appointed as deputies.


Unclaimed Property - Patrons may access the state website at and complete a request electronically. Or they may contact the office at 402 471 8497 or 877 572 9688. Patrons will most likely need to provide identifying data to determine if they have unclaimed property to claim.

Employee Forms & Insurance

W-4 Form - Federal Holding Form, to change withholding allowances, marital status, names, and address.

Direct Deposit Change Form - If you wish to change the bank in which your Check is deposited. Please print, then fill out this form and return it to the County Clerk's office with an original voided check.

Change in Coverage Form - Use this form to make changes to your existing Health and Dental Insurance benefits through Mid-American Benefits LLC.

Summary of Benefits

Mid-American Plan Document

FSA Plan Document Summary

Point C Flexible Spending Account Information and Forms - Within this document are the forms to submit for FSA Dependent Care reimbursement and manual Health Care Reimbursement

Vision -VSP Enrollment Form - Use this form to enroll in the Vision Plan.

VSP Base Plan

VSP Premier Plan

NIRMA (Nebraska Intergovernmental Risk Management Association) University Online Training