Birth & Death Records


In Nebraska Birth and Death records are not kept at the County level. They are kept and maintained by the state of Nebraska. You may go directly to the Vital Records website. We will attempt to provide the necessary links, forms and information that we have available.

Certificates and Form Downloads

Required Identification

Service Choices

Family History (Geneology)

Electronic Death Registration System and Tutorials
For physicians, coroners, funeral directors & county attorneys

National Center for Health Statistics
Includes links to other states' information


The DHHS Office of Vital Records
1033 "O" Street, Suite 130
Lincoln, NE
Gold’s Galleria, 1st floor (11th & N Streets)


Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST
Closed on holidays



Phone: (402) 471-2871

Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services
Division of Public Health
Vital Records
P.O. Box 95065
Lincoln, NE 68509-5065

Required ID

All applications must have a photocopy of the current government-issued identification of the person making the application to meet the  proper purpose, such as a current driver's license.

For Internet and VitalChek applications, the person making the application must fax an enlarged and readable photocopy of their current government-issued ID, i.e. current driver's license,  to Vital Records or a photocopy can be scanned into your computer and attached to an email and sent to

For Internet Applications, fax the photocopy id to (402) 471-8230, giving the name(s) on the record(s) asked for and the Internet confirmation number that will show when you have completed the request.

For VitalChek applications, fax the photocopy id to (402) 471-8238 and include the order number that will be given to you over the telephone when ordering.

NOTE: They DO NOT accept faxed in applications for certificates.
The correct fee must be included with the mail-in applications.
They do not accept applications by mail that are to be paid by credit card.
For all applications, if the certificate is not found, the search fee is NON-Refundable.